Michigan Lemon Law

Sometimes regardless of how carefully you research a brand, you might end up purchasing a lemon car.

Michigan Lemo Laws are statutes created to protect consumers that purchased what is considered a lemon vehicle.

How does a car qualify for lemon law?

In Michigan, not all broken vehicles qualify as lemon cars. Before making a formal claim that your car is a lemon, the manufacturer of such vehicle must have been given the chance to repair the vehicle. You can demonstrate that reasonable repair attempts have been made if:

  • Four or more individual repairs have been attempted on the same issue or defect that significantly lessens the value or impair the use of the vehicle within two years of the first repair and the same issue or defect continues to exist.
  • The Michigan law Statues indicates that after the third attempt to repair the vehicle or if the vehicle has been out of service for 25 days in a repair facility, the car owner must notify the manufacturer in writing before seeking remedy.

Once the car manufacturer receives the notification in writing, they should communicate to the car owner at which facility the final repair will be attempted, the manufacturer then has 5 business days to fix the car problem.

Is there a lemon law in Michigan for used cars?

Not specifically for used cars, but the Michigan law identifies a new car as one that’s still “covered by a manufacturer’s express warranty at the time of purchase or lease”. So used cars that meet this qualification might be included.

What types of problems are covered by lemon law?

The following problems are not covered by the Lemon Law:

  • Defects caused by unauthorized service on the vehicle, other than the manufacturer itself or its authorized agents.
  • Problems caused by vandalism or accidents.
  • Problems caused by the owner’s negligence.
  • Those problems that do not lessen the value, safety or impair the use of the vehicle in a significant way.

Can you return a used car in Michigan?

Unless the purchasing agreement specifically gives you that right, you can not return a used vehicle in Michigan. Read the contract, most used vehicles are sold in “as is” condition thus eliminating the possibility of returns.