Lemon Law NJ, Claim Your Rights

You spent plenty of time researching that new vehicle but it turned out to be a disaster as soon as you drove it out of the dealership lot.

If you are facing problems with your new vehicle, don’t despair, you may be protected by the New Jersey Lemon Law. This law protects consumers against defective vehicles that can not be repaired.

Does Your Case Qualify Under The NJ Lemon Law?

Definition Of A Lemon Car In NJ?

Under the NJ statue, a vehicle can be considered a lemon if one of these two elements are met:

  1. A car that has been serviced twice and the problem has not been fixed.
  2. A car that has been out of service for more than twenty consecutive days because of repairs.

What Do You Need To Prove That You Have A Lemon Car?

Need To File A Lemon Car Claim In NJ?

Basically, there are two ways for you to file a claim for your lemon car under the NJ law:

  1. Hire a lawyer
  2. File a complaint with the New Jersey Consumer Affairs Agency