Filing a Lemon Law Complaint That Wins

If you are stuck with a lemon vehicle, the best you can do to get rid of such a nuisance is by filing a lemon law complaint. Filing a lemon law complaint with the Department of Transportation is not very difficult. You can easily claim your lemon by filling out a Lemon Law Complaint Form with a fee of around $35-$50. Some things you would be asked in the lemon law complaint form are:

  • Type of warranty coverage.
  • Date of delivery of the vehicle to the actual owner.
  • Full name and address of the person who bought the vehicle.
  • Name and address of the dealer and manufacturer or the person from whom you bought the vehicle.
  • Name of leasing and insurance company.
  • Make and model of the vehicle.
  • Mileage of the vehicle from the buying date till the date when the problem first occurred.
  • Dealer’s name to whom you first reported the issue.
  • Current mileage.
  • The problems along with their history, unsuccessful repair attempts and date and mileage of each repair.
  • Copies of repair receipts.
  • Your reporting date and the manufacturer’s inspection date with the results.
  • A certified letter to the manufacturer explaining the problem and telling him how the dealer is ignoring your problem.

After sending the claim to the manufacturer, they will inspect your car or will give you a date at which you should bring your car to them for resolving the problem. Do not send the letter until you submit your Lemon Law Complaint Form to the Department of Transportation.

If you think the problem can be fixed by repairs, not by a refund or replacement, you are not required to pay a $35-$50 fee. But, in case you want a replacement or refund, you must include it. If you are not sure which one is most suitable for your car, repair, replacement or refund, submission of the fee with the Lemon Law Complaint Form is advisable.

After this, the Department of Transportation will ask the manufacturer to talk the matter over with you so as to reach a peaceful resolution. If you are not happy and satisfied, the case will be sent to the courts. As the manufacturers usually have a very strong defense, therefore hiring of a professional lemon lawyer is highly recommended.